We will officially be launching in about 2 to 3 months. We’re in Beta now which means we are live and publishing articles on local news and information, readership can make comments and all the jazz. We are very excited that soon we’ll be launching our Video interviews. This will be front and center for both local residents and visitors who are looking for more information. We will be presenting visual video content with business owners, local residents who have interesting stories to share, artists, chefs, architects, builders, craftsmen, entrepreneurs among others as well as people who work in the local shops that we see and visit every day, basically our town’s people.

We will also launch a Legal area where readership can ask questions about business and real estate all questions will be answered by our Legal Professional Jennifer Hagan from Silicon Valley.

We want to hear from you our readership, you can sign up on carmelnow.com site login and comment on all publications. Sign-up for our Newsletter and get the latest info on what’s happening through email.

We also are looking for contributors to write for Carmel Now. We’re looking for all types of writing skills and interests, maybe you have a story to tell or your pro in a particular area or subject that you’d like to write about and share with others. Also if you have a breaking story let us know by emailing us at editor@carmelnow.com, tell us what you’d like to contribute and a little background on who you are, we will get right back you!

Carmel Now is looking forward to directly communicating with locals about the news, information around town and community events. We are excited to grow with you and to provide a service to readers and to entertain.