Get ready we’re a week out until the U.S. Open hits our town. The USGA is expecting about 250,000 people to attend the tournament throughout the week of June 10-16.

Local traffic representatives from the CHP, Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, and Caltrans have been involved in the 18-month-long planning process with the USGA and Pebble Beach Company.

For the week, local residents and through-traffic are encouraged by CHP to adjust travel around peak U.S. Open arrival and departure times (7-11 a.m. and 3:30-7:30 p.m.) if possible.

If your driving in into the area from different parts of the peninsula, there will be intense traffic, if your an employee driving in make sure to leave early. The CHP is advising employees at businesses in the area to carpool to work, and if at all possible work remotely from home.


The local residents and area commuters from Castroville Blvd. to eastbound Hwy. 156, there will be no left turn out of Castroville Blvd. onto eastbound Hwy. 156 from June 12 through June 17 (morning). There will be a detour to turn right from Castroville Blvd. onto westbound Hwy. 156 traffic will exit at SR-183/Merritt Street then a left at Merritt Street and a left turn back onto eastbound Hwy 156.

Local residents and area commuters from the Salinas Valley are encouraged to follow alternate routing and trailblazing signage to General Jim Moore Boulevard, avoiding CSUMB and CA-1.  Due to U.S. Open traffic, delays can be expected along the primary routes of CA-1 from Exit 399A (Pebble Beach) to Exit 414 (Nashua/Molera Road). Monterey and Pacific Grove commuters should avoid the use of Exit 399A and CA-68 during peak times.

Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol remain on call 24/7 to respond to traffic issues during the week-long U.S. Open Championship.