The title presumes that news coverage on all networks is not represented for both sides. However, we would like to open this up for discussion in our town on this platform. This is why every article posted on Carmel Now allows comments, we want to hear from you. How do you feel with today’s coverage?

We would like a 50/50 bi-partisan view on Carmel Now. We feel today’s Politics tend to be a cut-throat viewpoint on MSM (Main Stream Media). This is why we decided on this section, we think it’s taken its toll on the public. We are looking for contributors who can discuss both sides of the aisle in a “respectful” way. Not bashing one side or the other side. We all want a better world, don’t we? And we can no longer be divided – Remember the phrase “Divide and Conquer”, is attributed to Julius Caesar and has been used by emperors and would-be tyrants ever since. In the age of empires, divide and conquer was used to keep the empires’ subjects from rebelling against the emperor. The Romans used it to keep their conquered neighbors competing with each other rather than their foreign occupiers. The British used it to keep their colonies squabbling along religious, ethnic and sectarian grounds so that the Queen and the British East India Company could more effectively exploit them.

That simplistic paradigm of “liberal” vs “conservative”. In fact, this point has been so hardwired into the modern political system that it has been distilled into a childlike shorthand: political positions are “left” or “right,” “blue” or “red.”

Can we all survive this? We’d like to hear from you and for those interested in contributing to Carmel Now please email with your information, we’ll get back to you. We are excited about this section of the news and to come together as one in our community. Peace everyone!