The Carmel City Council was set to consider on Tuesday, May 7, how to conduct the remaining two years of its beach fire pilot program. Going into the meeting the council had two very different opinions to rely on. The Planning Commission had voted on May 10 in favor of propane-only fires for one year as a test. The next night the Forest and Beach commission voted in support of retaining some wood-burning fired but with continued air monitoring.

On Tuesday, both pro-wood fire and anti-wood fire residents showed up to council to plead their cases. Pro-wood fires evoked memories of good times and bonding with friends and family around a crackling fire. Propane-only advocates decried the health dangers of smoke.

There is a fight for propane vs wood burning fire pits. However, residents argued in favor of tradition to ask that the city keep at least some wood-burning pits.

For now the wood burning is allowed on the beach, it sounds like this is not over and will continue until resolved. In the meantime please follow the rules that are on our Carmel by the Sea City Hall website at