Prescription Drug Take Back Day April 27th, 2019
The Carmel Police Department started taking prescription drugs for disposal as part of a grant program six years ago.  The Grant was sponsored by Cal Am in an effort to keep prescription drugs from entering our water systems.  The drop off is located in the lobby of the police station and every six months the PD disposes of all the collected prescription drugs through the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  This program helps keep unwanted prescription drugs from falling into the hands of unauthorized users. Six years ago, Carmel was the only police department in the county providing this service to the community.  Today, there are several police agencies that participate.  Saturday, April 27th was National Prescription Take Back Day.   Can you guess how many pounds of prescription drugs were turned in by the Carmel Police Department this past weekend?  Keep in mind this is only six months worth of collection.  The correct answer is at the bottom of the picture:

A.  50 pounds
B.  125 pounds
C.  285 pounds
D.  325 pounds

ANSWER: D   325 pounds